Lightweight Italian Poplar Plywood

Lightweight Italian poplar plywood is your lightweight solution product line of high quality, Eco friendly, and versatile specialty panels manufactured with various finishes, cores, species and glues. GREEN & CARB II certified available. Our lightweight Italian poplar plywood panels covers a wide range of applications that require a light weight combined with excellent strength to weight ratio work ability.

The average height of black poplar is 100 to 115 feet with diameters of 3 to 4 feet. It is actually part of the willow family. The Italian black poplar is either male or female. The heartwood and sapwood are not clearly defined as in some woods, and poplar’s sapwood is a large part of the tree.

Lightweight Italian Poplar Forest Plywood

The Italian poplar is a very fast growing tree, with soft light colored wood, and was used as firewood during the middle ages. Italian poplar is often used for plywood and veneers.

Fifty percent of Italy’s domestic timber production comes from poplar plantations and much of it is used for ply wood production. Poplar plantations in Italy are usually planted on former agricultural soils in mainly non forested areas. Thus their establishment makes a positive contribution to the environment and to the climate, both in terms of air quality improvement as well as a sink for the green house gas CO2.

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