Black Diamond MR10 PREMIUM ( Black MDF ) MDF

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With the closing of the Great Lakes MDF mill, ( Spectratech colored MDF ) several years ago, Packard Forest Products, Inc. introduced a new world of engineering possibilities with Black Diamond MDF ( Black MDF ) to fill the void.  Black Diamond MDF ( Black MDF ) is a unique, premium MDF with brilliant color through out the core that:

  • Retains the physical properties and characteristics of conventional MDF panels, while providing vibrant color choices
  • Moisture Resistant and offered in GREEN Certified and fire retardant FR (also known as: fire resistant, flame guard, flame resistant, fire treated )
  • Creates colorful new options for a variety of applications, including furniture, fixtures and interiors
  • Eliminates the need for skin-deep finishes, such as stains and laminates
  • Makes it easy to remove nicks and scratches
  • Shipped throughout the United Stated for prompt ship

Further surfacing:

Black Diamond MDF ( Black MDF ) colored panels can be overlaid with a full range of hardwood veneers, high pressure laminates (HPL), and other surface coatings.

The possibilities are endless:

CNC and hand controlled routers, spindle moulders or other power tools may be used with Black Diamond colored MDF in order to produce stunning, colorful products.  Used as a substrate, Black Diamond MDF ( Black MDF ) color panels can be overlaid with a full range of hardwood veneers, high pressure laminates ( HPL ), and other surface coatings. These overlays (along with any viable special design you can create) can be supplied.


Our Colored MDF is available in Black Diamond ( Black MDF ) . 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm and 25mm  49 x 97 and 18mm in 49×121 available for prompt ship.
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Spectratech Color MDF

2 New finishes now available

Super Matte & Super Gloss


18mm 49×97 & 49×121 Black Diamond Fire Retardant

FR Fire Rated Class A


Our newest added color is Gray ( Grey ) Platinum Premium MR10 MDF

All the same features as our Black Diamond but now offered in Medium Gray (Grey) color throughout.

Gray Platinum Premium MR10 MDF

Don't be fooled by the imitated brands !

Our focus is on the needs of our customers, helping them to Design Specialty Interiors, ( DSI ) and we strive to get better every day.

There is only one Black Diamond MDF, and it is sold by Packard Forest Products, Inc. through the US.

Packard Forest Products, Inc is the largest importer of Black MDF in the United States. With the Largest inventory for prompt ship.

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