Plum Creek Super Refined MDF

Plum Creek manufactures specialty Super Refined ( Double Refined ) Medium Density - MDF, Low Density, and High Density Fiberboard.  Plum Creeks Glacier Green is a low emissions MDF that meets C.A.R.B. II emission standards,  and Glacier Clear is manufactured with a No added Formaldehyde Resin.

When it comes to value, what really counts is not how much the MDF costs, but how much it costs to use it.  Not all Medium Density - MDF panels are alike, and may differ by wood species, fiber size, binders, density and consistency.  All of these factors have a significant impact on key elements of your processing costs including:

• Cutting tool life
• Machine center throughout speed and amp load
• Machined profile quality as it relates to the need for sanding, filling and other steps prior to finishing
• Amount / thicknessof coating or laminating material required for adequate coverage
• Defect rates
• Labor

The superior uniformity and overall panel integrity of Plum Creek Super Refined ( Double Refined, Ultra refined ) MDF outperforms other MDF products by allowing our customers to move it through their process faster while achieving higher quality results and lower production costs.

Our focus is on the needs of our customers, helping them to Design Specialty Interiors, ( DSI ) and we strive to get better every day.

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